Waterfall (No one to do it)

Glued we stare
without purpose
news scrolls souls 

political horror theatre
sports results episodes
who won the prize

forecast or not 
we are all connected 
stuck in traffic 

there's no centre
edges it seems, actually 
have no boundaries

our humanity once refected 
in a painting now black glass 
battery light pixels and socials

how many crucifixions
catastrophes are enough 
hourly war updates 

endless predictions 
things are not well, leaders 
breathtaking stupidity and selfies

tv internet news
geo maps txts emojis 
ai content and reels

gorging on consumption 
like Romans before 
what more do we need to know 

hear on Earth
sounds smells touch 
look and wonder

what luck brings us
determination karma
earn another chance

somehow we're on
the beautiful blue planet 
we belong to

It's in our nature

Waterfall / gold paint, upcycled PC board, acrylic paint on paper, on plywood, brushed aluminium frame. 21x16cm


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