Being was will be

North East South West
ultimately the same
each cross one another
all present all the time

their intersection inevitable
direction all encompassing
any step is interdependent
all are multidimensional

a moment is a concept
things come and they pass 
book ended by future or past 
their coordinates conceptual 

only the constant unfolding now
stays alive fresh and present
touch see know feel connected
our greatest challenge ever

all elements are in flux
humans too 
be was will be
perhaps karma decides

our mind's invisible
third eye an illustration
do words describe 
jazz poetry or prayers

do trees reminisce
would water bace itself
does air choose a mouth
or joy select a heart

dances songs
imbued fine wine
reflects a greatness
under the Sun is also its shadow 

we'll never know
the next life if any
what is it we carry
but the self 

an every-present
gift unbelievable
unstoppable until
the last breath

which will come 
sure as the first
between them living
here on Earth

life is a concept
by which we measure
how real
this is

image to come... as yet unknown
stay tuned...


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