I'll tell you a tale

Of an opera a Dane 
tiles glass concrete sails 
Sydney blue

its sight unimagined
a harbour magnificent 
always was Gadigal land 

now Bennelong point
a place of dreaming stories
ancient then modern

dreams revealing dreams
sacred dances
born on a watery stage

vast skies sand stone 
each step choreographed 
memorised passed on 

ley lines underfoot 
now pirouette 
in tiled concrete 

across all time 
every part intertwines
a magic story 

ancestor spirits 
Eora since dawn
contemporary now

ballet dances singers
symphonies mid-century 
modern art they say

the maestro Dane saw
his own choreography 
drew their lines 

sketched through space
sliced through an orange 
engineered it's own art

from merely lines 
a house rises bravo
dance sing play

a Masterpiece 



Sydney Opera House - mural panel #6
acrylic paint on linen panels (9)

ea panel 76x76cm 
overall size  2.3 x 2.3m


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