A world of lost opportunities

projects on hold - all fallen over 

never finished, or begun 

an artist, a dreamer

an imaginer of new things loses everything

half-baked causes, innovations, inspiration the lot

in real everyday life

an artist once more shuffles the deck

the heap of failures

it's the end,  4am 

gist to the mill

the reason or excuse to go on 

this despair is an inspiration 

for an artist sees the world a failure

their own or yours in need of repair

a work in progress

or decay if that's your thing

somehow the aria must bewailed

nor ignorance stop the urge

even when tsunamis swell

more than can be carried

is left behind 

for some it's nostalgic

others revenge

an artist must do

what few believe

raise a new sun

another chance to get it right

like yesterday the past is gone

trounced rolled godforsaken floored

art remains 

in ruins misunderstood

precious artifact

an ocean's odessy 

a vision splendid

music's sweet spot

delivered by hand

dragged uphill

conjured from within 

get up, get outa bed 

drag a comb crawl on the bus

cry away the pain

time for dreams

success remains just a-head

silly thing

spirit wins every time

ego runs just like a child

now begin to walk

regrets, say goodbye au revoir

we own not a thing 

but rebellion

dance again

alone old friend

step over the line

we've drawn

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image: Chances  -  digital photograph / digital drawing - J.Skewes 2022


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