With a milky eye
late last night 
fact or fiction 
you decide

was it war 
or peace
the difference 
between drums and melody

strangely audible
fast asleep slowly
formations form
we assume

to be real
alive somewhere
or within a play
did you say for sure

a premonition
of fantasies drawn
effortlessly like our own

are mind's alone
the fakes of thought
so we make
truth appear

by sleeping
they tick tick
tick so so easily 
see the sea within

another way to sense 
those dreams we conjure
are the feelings 
to really know their clues

it's time now
to wake and wash 
away disorder
glimpse  this morning's

Sultan moon
slivered languid laying
still and calm emerging
through a shadowy fog
this mere alignment 
tilts her pearly clarity 
to know nature 
be her mystery

Pearl - verse and image / pearl digital drawing, 2021 JS



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