One act play... (for Vincent)

But if only for fifty thousand days 

stood one continuous flow 

unmeasured uncycled or named

could not eternity speak

across time 

the pigments so moved Vincents

spectacular field flowers

all exudes sensations 

flutters upon your eyes

groundef feet clad in clay

time's rooted languid branches

now here today draws her angels

in mother tongues

dissolve chronologic borders 

every scene dividing whole lives

dreaming aloud 

seeing this way 

keeps sway and rhythm

staying up late hoping

praying it be finally nostalgic

enough to devote 

ones life to one journey

a heart with a soul

and this theatre a life

so you might just return 


iamge: One act play  - drawing / lyra & graphite pencil / paper / 12 x 12cm  JS



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