In a precise routine

everything becomes still 

a calibrated panorama

1958, the illustrious Red Book* 
the architect foretold arcs 
bending dancers back mid-air 

steps cast clearly somehow 
onto soaring concrete walls
the iconic shells sailed

drawn by a spherical orange
engineers measured their curves 
the Yellow Book, 1962

sketching with pen and ink
like choreographers made flesh 
and conjure their new moves by design

A million and 56,006 tiles
reflecting all shades and types of light 
by night projecting solo pliers

middle C / mid-century
iconic modernist poetry 
concrete / watermarked / dazzling

every vista etched fresh
so their lines depict every day
a new sky land and sea 

drawn by hand water glass and air
rock and sand / day and night
an impossible delight

Utzon moved this way

image - Symphony for ballet - detail /  synthetic polymer paint on linen panels (6) total 77x 107cm

**The Red Book and Yellow Book, were produced by Jorn Utzon and archived by the NSW Government, they expanded his architectural intentions while designing the Sydney Opera House during the late 1950's through to the mid 1960's


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