Yesterday / pen, ink on paper JMS


It could be said on reflections
no sense is made for long
only gathered somehow
through experience
a practice in balance

what happened yesterday
remembered and stored so
neatly packed or left behind
finds its homes in cracks
between molecules unexpected

nobody really knows
how rock n roll threads
its path via each classic
individually rapped score
hitting home or grime

all the little things
that happened each beat
in space for reasons
seemingly unrelated
yet each a season

a sequence of added
ingrediants blended all
into an neverending meal
feeding and forming
what we've become

or know of things
small and huge
it doesn't matter
until recall
reforms them anew

the script for today
a story you say
written incomplete
no gramamar a pool
of unuanced free jazz

it could go either way
the actors their dream
the audiance never stays
but posthumously

I am yesterday



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